Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (TOS) are the rules and regulations that specify guidelines for using our hosting services. Use of our services implies agreement with these terms. Please read them carefully and ensure that you understand and agree to all parts. Any questions regarding this agreement should be sent to us prior to signing up for service.

§ 1.  Content & Online Activity

All services provided by Spacerich may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any country, region law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statue. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Spacerich from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages you or any other party.

Examples of non-acceptable content or links:
  • Pirated software
  • Bulk Email related products
  • Hacking/cracking related websites
  • Illegal Torrents
  • Warez and/or copyrighted MP3s
  • Illegal material or material that is against public policy
  • Sites containing or linking to material that may be considered detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare.

  • § 2.  Adult content

    Legal adult content is permitted on all Spacerich products. The viewing/downloading or possession of such information/data by you is not governed by Spacerich policy, and is at your own discretion/free-will, and may be governed by your state/federal government. Spacerich will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision, and reserves the right to deactivate and remove any service at any time for any reason without refund!

    § 3.  Bulk Email

    We understand that bulk email is an important mechanism for keeping people informed. However, spamming (unsolicited advertising), from the network, or spamvertising (unsolicited advertising of) sites hosted on our network is STRICTLY prohibited.

    Legitimate bulk email meets the following criteria:
  • The recipient has confirmed his willingness to be added to the distribution list of the mailing, by responding to a verification email, or, otherwise, verifiably confirming permission. (Evidence of such must be retained and available by request.)
  • Messages include: Valid headers, removal instructions, and information on the method by which the subscribed address was obtained.

    All bulk email senders must post privacy policies, in association with the sending domains. Co-registration is not prohibited, but explanations of the sharing of information must be both publicly available and included in the confirmation mechanism for list subscription. If Spacerich approaches a client for evidence of confirmation, this request must be honoured within 24 hours.

    Failure to meet the acceptable criteria for bulk mail may lead to immediate suspension.
    Failure to respond to ABUSE notice, within 24 hours, may result in service interruption and a $50.00 fee.
    Additionally, if such actions have caused mail servers or IP address ranges on the network to be blacklisted, Spacerich reserves the right to assess a $200 charge on your account. This fee is set to cover administrative costs associated with removal from such lists.

    § 4.  Accounts, Payments, Cancellations & Refunds

    Depending on the service ordered, all new Accounts will be setup instantly to within 5 business days. Setup time is not guaranteed as it depends on the hardware availability, requirements and other factors. Customer can contact Sales anytime for the order status.

    Spacerich will bill you on the first day of each Billing Term. All fees are billed in United States Dollars ($ USD). Any account not paid in full by the end of the first day of the Billing Term will be suspended and a Late Fee of 10% of the invoiced amount in USD will be applied to the account everyday. Any account not paid in full by the end of the second day of the Billing Term will be terminated. Spacerich is not responsible for any damages or losses (including, but not limited to, loss of profit and loss of data) as a result of suspension or termination made due to non-payment.

    Any Customer that initiates a chargeback, reversal, retrieval request, or other bank assisted dispute will be immediately terminated. Administrative fees up to $50USD for every such alert and service charges upto $100 USD on actual chargeback may be billed to the customers.

    Cancellation of the service should be done by sending the cancellation request either by clicking the 'cancellation' button in the billing system or by contacting Billing department directly. Invoices for the next billing term are generated 10 days before the due date. And all the cancellations must be done at least 5 days prior to that. Else you will be invoiced for the next billing term.

    Depdending on the service ordered the money back guarantee or refund policy will be applied:

  • 30-day limited money back guarantee for Shared and Reseller Hosting Services. (exludes domain charges)
  • No money back guarantee for domain registration/renewals
  • No money back guarantee for dedicated servers
  • Full information can be found here

    § 5.  Copyright Violations

    Copyrighted material must not be placed on your accounts without the permission of the copyright owners or people that are specifically authorized by the copyright owners. Only copyright owners or people specifically authorized by them may upload copyrighted material to the account.

    Upon our receipt of a notice of a claimed copyright infringement, after confirmation, we will promptly remove the allegedly infringing material from the Services and carry out further procedures if necessary. We will suspend or terminate the accounts of website owners found to be in violation of copyright.

    Spacerich will respond to all reports of infringement that are formatted in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and any other applicable copyright laws.

    § 6.  System Resource Usage

    Applicaple to Shared, Reseller & VPS Services only:
    If our monitoring team determines that your account is utilizing an unacceptable amount of system resources (including but not limited to HardDisk, RAM, Processor, IP Addresses ... etc), Spacerich may temporarily deactivate the account in question. If deems necessary, an eviction notice may be sent to you of an offending account providing with 24 hours in which to either upgrade to a new server or locate a new provider.

    § 7.  Data protection

    Applicaple to Shared, Reseller & VPS Services only:
    Depending on the plan you have purchased, backups or RAID-based data protection is provided.
    This is for our administrative purposes only, and are in NO WAY GUARANTEED! You are responsible for maintaining own backups.

    Spacerich does not provide any sort of compensation for lost or incomplete data in the event that backups do not function properly (even if the malfunction was due to negligence on our part). We will do our best to ensure complete and accurate backups, but assume no responsibility for this duty.

    § 8.  Support Abuse

    At Spacerich, we always treat our customers, you, with the utmost respect. In return, we expect the same from you. If our staff feels that you are consistently addressing them in a demeaning or rude manner, your account will be suspended and you may be asked to take your business elsewhere. You will be charged non-refundable amount of $100USD towards this TOS violation fees. In the event that we terminate service for support abuse, customers will be given 12 hours prior notice.

    In case there is excessive support usage then the customer will be billed regularly at $65 USD per hour for future assistance.

    § 9.  Abusive Clientele

    Spacerich may at its discretion suspend or terminate service of any client that is abusive/harassing to Spacerich and/or Spacerich employees. Examples of such activity include, but are not limited to;

  • Verbal abuse - cursing, yelling, threatening, etc...
  • Ongoing disregard for warnings or notices
  • Consistent mistakes/errors/changes causing unnecessary workload
  • Spamming Spacerich email addresses, ticket systems, or servers
  • Continuous involvement in flood/DDOS activity, hacked services, or other ongoing non-permitted usage
  • Consistent late payments or responses
  • Issuing a chargeback or bouncing a payment
  • Continuous activation of problematic end-users
  • Activity which affects the service(s) of other Spacerich clientele

  • § 10. Failure to Follow Policies

    Failure to fully comply with these terms is grounds for account suspension and/or deactivation (with or without refund, subject to our discretion). Any accounts and/or servers contained within our network must adhere to the above policies.

    If we deactivate your account for violating policy, you will forfeit your rights to a refund--and none will be given.

    Spacerich reserves the right to deactivate and remove any site hosted on our servers that contains any content that it deems in its sole discretion to be unacceptable, undesirable or contraindicated.

  • Questions? Write to sales/at/spacerich.com
  • Revision date: 01 May 2017