In June 2019, our hosting control panel provider, cPanel announced a new pricing and licensing structure. The new cPanel licensing pricing model has been completely changed from per server to a per-account basis. This has caused our license cost to dramatically increase — by 250%.

We have tried to carry the additional costs over the past 6 months as much as possible, however, we have no choice but to change our current offering.

We are offering the following options to existing customers:

Option-1: Migrate to equivalent control panel
We will migrate your existing hosting account to a new control panel (e.g: Directadmin) which provides similar functionalities to cPanel. The common functionalities include:

  • hosting HTML pages
  • PHP scripts
  • CMS like Wordpress or Drupal
  • Email service with POP3, SMTP or IMAP
  • Basic DNS zones

(If you are using any other specific cPanel functionalities, please get in touch with our support team to get confirmation if that feature is supported in the new control panel or not)

We will migrate your account at no extra charges and with no downtime. Renewal of the services will be subject to the pricing advertised in

This option will allow us to pass on the savings to you.

Option-2: Migrate to cPanel for enterprise grade applications
This option is suited for experienced developers looking to serve their website to millions of visitors. We offer managed hosting with cPanel control panel hosted in a Kubernetes container and price starts from $40 USD or 2500 INR per month.

Option-3: Not Satisfied ?
We hate to hear that, but we have no further options at this time. We will refund your hosting invoice for the unused time (e.g: from today to next due date) if you wish to cancel.

Please open a new ticket with option of your choice.
If we don’t hear from you until 26 Dec 2019, then we will choose option-1 for you and ensure your website is running nominal.

We assure you that we have done everything possible to minimise the impact on our clients.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

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