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Site Acceleration & Security Services From CloudFlare, via a Partnership With Spacerich

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CloudFlare is a service that improves your website’s performance and security. By using advanced technology within a global network powered by many datacenters, CloudFlare makes sites faster and more secure while using less system resources to do so.

Signing up

CloudFlare and Spacerich By integrating closely, the process of setting up CloudFlare "1 click easy" is possible through your existing cPanel Control Plan. Just look for the CloudFlare icon, choose the domain you want to enable, and click the orange cloud. That's it! All websited hosted at Spacerich Networks can deploy CloudFlare, regardless of underlying platform. Cloudflare never charge you for bandwidth or storage, therefore saving you tons via reduced bandwidth costs.


We are committed to keeping your websites online, all the time. Website unavailability can hurt your business and that’s why we provide CloudFlare free of charge on every single web hosting plan. For site owners who would like to take advantage of CloudFlare's advanced offerings, we also offer a 'Pro' tier of service. The 'Pro' tier includes all of the 'Free' tier's offerings, as well as extra features like SSL, full web application firewall and faster analytics. Please contact for full information.
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About CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a CDN (content delivery network) with a security layer. Once a website is part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through CloudFlare’s global network. CloudFlare’s network stores a copy of static files closer to web visitors, which means they are delivered more quickly than before. CloudFlare caches resources such as CSS, JavaScript and images. CloudFlare’s technology automatically decides which resources to cache based on file extension names so there is zero configuration. CloudFlare also does compression for every request. CloudFlare’s network also blocks threats and limits abusive bots before they hit the server, which means less wasted bandwidth and server resources.